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How often your handbag matches with your desirable outfit ? Sometime the perfect rage you are yearning for is not from the attire and that’s where you need a CLUTCH. Studies found the invention of a purse was witnessed more than 5000 years ago used by a man, as the progression, clutches was widely seen in the Victorian era in 1837. With the high inspiration from the western Culture, perhaps the merge of different clutches were seen. The Ethnic bags such as potlis and traditional clutches are very ostentatious, drawn to eyes therefore, accessorizing your ethnic bags is as quintessential as your jewellery!

From the pastel of soft tranquility to the traditional of divine Majestic. Exploring the merge of the unconventional and run-of-the-mill in the orb of LA FIZA. Spruce up your look with our handcrafted clutches throughout this year !


The obsession with soft hue has been more , over the past few years. The collection of La FIZA’s clan of clutches are indeed not only soothing to the eyes but also the finesse is exceptionally distinctive. Gear up with our trendiest collection. Precision work with pellets and cylindrical beads perfect for any casual auspicious occasion !


Potlis have a rich ancient history! Let’s go back to the time when potlis were widely used in India during the Vedic period as well as it is seen in religious text such as Mahabharata where Arjun used a potli bag to disclose his weapons. With the evolution of potlis , it has been embellished with beads and heavily studded , affixed with a dori (string). The collection of La FIZA’s house of potli has to be in your wardrobe! Guaranteed worth your money


Emerging the two world and bringing the elegance and glam at one place! It’s chic with a modern stroke and keeping up in the trend game! The collection of LA FIZA’s vibe with the tribe is purely bonafide. Not only it’s intricately detailed work with beads and crystal but also specifying it’s own uniqueness. Assuredly illuminating your entire outfit! For more deets , take a look at our finest collection. Certainly it’s perfection to the “T”!

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