The type of Juttis

You must have heard about CINDERELLA and her famous sparkling glass shoes. Just like in the story, shoes are an integral part for any story to begin ! Create your own mystical tale with our beautiful collection of handcrafted sumptuous and effusive juttis.

La Fiza – Zahra jutti
La Fiza – Zahra
La Fiza – Zara jutti
La Fiza – Zara

With the aura of royalty, Juttis was originated in the golden age of Mughal hierarchy in the early 1600s. From Heavily hand embroidered to subtle hues, it has been a huge uprising demand for juttis. Either teaming it with a traditional attire or carrying it with a bohemian look it goes with every outfit !.

Here are some carefully picked juttis / mojaris from our collection for you to assemble your apparel.

La Fiza – Iram jutti
La Fiza – Iram
La Fiza – Nazreen
La Fiza – Nazreen

Going for a simple sober minimalist wedding? This is crafted with perfection! Pigment of freshly Ivory & Artic juttis, who would not love this ?! Intricately worked with golden zari along with accentuated with golden tiny beads.

Made with the idea of minimalism for your dream wedding tale !Team your mystical ghagra choli with any of these and complete your look.

La Fiza – Nawaazish jutti
La Fiza – Nawaazish
La Fiza – Zuri jutti
La Fiza – Zuri

Ever wonder why Red is the most attractive shade in the colour wheel? Psychologically Red is linked with warm and love. Perhaps, red is always the ideal choice!

The dark rich crimson red juttis, embellished with tiny pearl beads, precisely worked with zari . It’s a statement itself. You can never go wrong with these ! The comfort you were missing is right here.

La Fiza – Think pink
La Fiza – Mauve crush jutti
La Fiza – Mauve crush

“Mirror Mirror on the wall, yes these juttis are prettiest among all ! ”Indo-Western juttis are trendy these days. Wether you are at office or any occasion ! You can gel it with your attire and look stunning. With colours so pleasingly aesthetic and delicately crafted with mirrors and threaded thoroughly. It’s for sure an essential to your wardrobe !

La Fiza – Myrtle jutti
La Fiza – Myrtle 
La Fiza – Rosemary jutti
La Fiza – Rosemary

If you are bored with glitter and searching for a cute pair of juttis, well “FLORAL IS THE NEW FORMAL”

The creation of La Fiza is always mesmerizing, handcrafted with comfort and ease with the vibrant colour of each thread, it’s perfect for an outing on a beautiful spring day. Finely handcrafted with thread and yarn, it’s alluring! You can pair it with denim or your ethnic outfit!

You can always experiment and keep up with the trend because it’s never too late to create one!

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